Quantum Break
"Quantum Break" tops sales on the Xbox One in the U.K. Remedy Entertainment

“Quantum Break,” the Xbox One console-exclusive title, has seen massive success in terms of sales performance. Following its launch in April 5, it has since then been hailed as a chart-topper in the U.K.

Sales has already gone through the roof as far as Xbox One games are concerned. It has also become the fastest-selling Microsoft IP to date, which Microsoft itself has confirmed, GameSpot reported.

“We’re delighted that ‘Quantum Break’ has been so well-received by fans and critics. The game has already built up a passionate fanbase and we look forward to seeing and hearing about their experiences in Riverport,” said Xbox’s Jon Edney in a statement quoted by GameSpot.

Despite the high sales, it appears that the PC version was less than stellar. Instead of even better graphics than what fans were teased when shown “Quantum Break” on the Xbox One, the PC seems essentially broken.

Reviews of the game on PC have trickled in, and all are pointing to similar issues. Eurogamer reported that a major issue with “Quantum Break” is that it does not reach the expected 60FPS on a 60Hz monitor, particularly the refresh rates. When played, the frame rate is capped at 50FPS as it cannot go beyond it anymore even with the lowest setting a high-powered PC with Intel Core i7.

This is not solved by capping the framerate to 30FPS. The trade-off for this solution is frame-pacing, so the gaming experience is not at all similar to that on the Xbox One. It does not help that the Universal Windows Platform is currently an issue in itself, as the tools that would otherwise help the game, such as the Riva Tuner Statistics Server or the Nvidia half-refresh rate option are not allowed by the full-screen mode of the Universal Windows Platform.

Hardware issues aside, this does not mean that “Quantum Break” as a game is essentially bad. In fact, Engadget praises it as one of the admirable titles on the Xbox One. The experience of glitches in the game—these are actual parts of the game, not glitches in the overall run—allow the player to go through space and time in a very visual manner.

There are even cool ways by which one kill enemies, as it is a third-shooter title primarily. One way is to make use of time-slow bubbles, which is not a regular bullet-like weapon, but has a bigger scope that can allow the player to strategise on how he would like to approach the game.

"Quantum Break" review (Credit: YouTube/IGN)