Uncharted 4
Sony has announced the "Uncharted 4" limited edition PS4 bundle. PlayStation Blog

The latest of the series of episodes for “Uncharted 4” Behind the Scenes dev diaries from Naughty Dog has been released. This time, it features footage that pushed the meaning of big in “Uncharted.”

There are now bigger spaces, bigger levels and bigger areas to explore compared to other “Uncharted” titles. Basically, what the developer had to resolve was to ensure that the player still gets from Point A to Point B, but at the same time giving more options in between to expand the choices. The main goal, as far as story telling is concerned, is making sure that the pace is not lost in the story.

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“The challenge for us is how do we give you more choices and make the pacing feel just as intense as when things have been more linear for us. It does introduce challenges as far as telling a very specific story,” said Creative Director Neil Druckmann.

Because of this, the story has become bigger, both in macro and micro sense. Macro looks at how big “Uncharted 4” has expanded the amount of explorable space. Micro, on the other hand, looks at how Naughty Dog put denser details into the environment.

From the smallest detail as the kind of dust or pebble included in a scene, the developer went specific to deliver the best look. Improvements-wise, when it comes to the progress of “Uncharted 3” to “Uncharted 4” can be seen in the details, all thanks to the power of the PS4.

The experience becomes more immersive now because of the amount of interaction that can be done in the game requires all the more time to complete. According to Naughty Dog, the world of “Uncharted 4” became so much more alive, thanks to all the detail, both seen and the destructible, amounting to what is by far the richest environment in the series yet.

This is why it is not surprising that the cutscenes in the game will all be in-game. Gamingbolt reported that the cutscenes will be rendered in engine, hence removing the black screen that usually cues in the cinematic scenes from gameplay.

This was seen in one of the earlier gameplay previews of “Uncharted 4,” where even the gameplay looked like it was a very long cutscene. From the detail of destructible environment to action packed into every scene, it seems like Naughty Dog can mark “Uncharted 4” as a success in innovative cinematic storytelling in gaming.

“Uncharted 4” had a new release date, which was the latest in delays, announced by Sony. Over at the PlayStation Blog, the developer has confirmed that the release date is on May 10. Recently, “Uncharted 4” has also gone gold, which means that no more delays may be on the horizon.

"Uncharted 4" dev diaries (Credit: YouTube/sonyplaystation)