Nintendo Signage
Nintendo signage is displayed at the company's booth at the 2014 Electronic Entertainment Expo, known as E3, in Los Angeles, California June 11, 2014. Reuters/Kevork Djansezian

Back in late 2015, one of the first sighted patents for what is allegedly the upcoming Nintendo NX had appeared. It boasted the generic shape of a controller, though the top features an oval shaped display to see the games. On top of that, instead of buttons and analog sticks, there are small buttons for the thumbs for movement.

This time, the patent seems to have become a reality, if a leak over at Reddit may be believed. Redditor perkele37 posted two images of what appears to be the device. The top shows a black screen, which could be the display where games can be seen. There appears to be two buttons which are smaller and flatter than the average analogue sticks. Connected with the device are earphones, which hint at where the earphones jack is.

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Redditor perkele37 clarified that the device is the controller for the console. Additionally, it is still a dev-kit version, so changes in the design are still possible.

Of course, fans are having a debate about the console controller. Some are wondering if the design is more fitted for the handheld or a controller. There is a rather prominent opinion that it would be better as a handheld, considering the display screen. Coming from this, others have even wondered if it was possible that the device can also act as a handheld, if only so it would not appear to be a more expensive controller. In any case, the leaked images can be seen in the link here.

Recently, Nintendo had also denied the rumours that it will be reining in the production of the Wii U in preparation for the Nintendo NX. The report hinted that the remainder of its resources will supposedly be geared towards the Nintendo NX instead.

According to Express, however, Nintendo had clarified that the production of the Wii U has been scheduled for the next quarter and other succeeding periods afterwards. The announcement of ceasing production of the Wii U did not come from the company.

As far as sales go, GameSpot earlier reported that the Wii U had sold 3.1 million systems so far during the April to December 2015. This pushes its lifetime sales to meet the 12 million milestone. Even with the relatively low sales that were reported for the Wii U, there have been several games released for Nintendo’s current platforms including the Nintendo 3DS.

For now, it continues to be a waiting game for the Nintendo NX. The company is expected to deliver more news and details about the upcoming console sometime this year.

Nintendo NX console possible release date (Credit: YouTube/Macintyre)