TSTO scifi
EA has a new event for "The Simpsons Tapped Out." EA

EA has rolled out a new update for “The Simpsons Tapped Out.” This time, science hails supreme, led by robots, black holes and Stephen Hawking.

The new event, dubbed the sci-fi event, puts the likes of Professor Frink and Comic Book Guy in front of the action. While this means alto of new prizes, and additions to the store, it also introduces a fun mini game and new characters to the mobile title.

Crafting made easier with one material

It appears that EA is also learning form fan feedback. Used to be, past events will see fans struggling to obtain one main currency for main prizes and up to four crafting materials. From there, fans will have to obtain specific numbers of crafting materials, sometimes even a combination of two to craft an item they want.

Now, EA has ensured that fans will only need one crafting material, which are robot parts. These can be obtained by tapping robots in one’s Springfield, in neighbors’ towns and in the SciFi mini game.

To craft items, fans will need to use the 3D printer. The good news here is that all of the prizes that will be available in the event can already be viewed. The only catch is that the bigger items are still locked, as players will need to level up their 3D Printers.

Leveling up the printer and crafting beyond demos

Crafting and leveling up now has a slightly different method than before. Previously, fans needed to plan their strategy when it comes to leveling up and crafting, because the same materials are used for both.

Now, whenever a player crafts an item using Robot parts, the amount crafted will automatically be deducted from the leveling up amount. This is beneficial for players who prefer that their hard-tapped materials will go to something concrete in their village, instead of leveling up the look of just one building.

The only potential downside is that players will have to craft several of the smaller items so they can unlock the higher levels of the 3D printer. That is, if they don’t want to just use up the robot parts to actually level up the building. It’s still a choice—whether a player wants to get more stuff for Springfield or just get immediately to the higher prizes. Either way, it will require the same number of robot parts anyway.

New prizes and in-game store items

As with all “The Simpsons Tapped Out” events, there are three Acts each with their respective prizes. For Act 1, there are a total of five prizes that can be obtained by collecting the Matter event currency.

These are the Skyberdine Systems, the Future Duff Sign, the Simpsons Hover Car, the Holo-Theater and Sgt. Skinner.

“The Simpsons Tapped Out” new sci-fi event is definitely easier compared to previous events. Apart from having only a handful of currencies to manage, there’s just one mini-game where players can collect several of the currency and crafting item in one go. There aren’t a lot of characters needed to do tasks, so even beginner players can get right into the event.