Pokemon Sun and Moon Turtonator
Turtonator is the newest 'mon in "Pokemon Sun and Moon." Nintendo

Just as Game Freak had promised, there was a surprise waiting for “Pokemon Sun and Moon fans at Gamescom.

The company has finally released a new Pokemon called the Turtonator. It’s among the newest Pokemon to be introduced in the franchise, and it will be making its debut in “Pokemon Sun and Moon.”

The Turtonator is a Fire/Dragon Pokemon. It looks like a cross between a turtle and a kappa, thanks to the plate on its head. A kappa is a water sprite in the Japanese folkore.

The new Pokemon has the Shell Armor ability. Its unique move, the Shell Trap absorbs the enemy’s attack, then blasts it back to the opponent. It also has a powerful attack that ends in an explosion to damage the enemy.

In the official website, Nintendo has also provided a lengthy background for Turtonator. Its main home are volcanoes, and it feeds on the sulfur and materials found in the craters. This contributes to why its shell has a layer of explosive material. This explains why there is a recoil blast when a Pokemon fires at the Turtonator’s shell.

Despite its use of the Shell Trap, the Turtonator is not an invincible Pokemon. its main weakness is its stomach. Any attacks that land on the middle front stomach area of Turtonator will deal heavy damage.

It seems that the main strength of the Turtonator lies in its hard shell. Not only is it a good way to absorb the enemy attacks and bring a more damaging recoil, it’s also used as a camouflage that helps the Turtonator catch a prey.

Apart from Turtonator, Game Freak also gave some information on the battles in “Pokemon Sun and Moon.” According to trusted Pokemon source Serebii, Battle Director Shigeki Morimoto revealed that Pikachu will have a new Z-move called the Hyper Sprint Attack. This was not elaborated, but it is said to be a Normal-type attack.

“Pokemon Sun and Moon” will be out on Nov. 18 on the Nintendo 3DS.

"Pokemon Sun and Moon" Turtonator trailer (Credit: YouTube/Pokemon Channel)