Titanfall 2
"Titanfall 2" is getting two technical tests. Respawn

“Titanfall 2” still has two months to go before its official launch. However, fans can get in early on the action as early as this week.

Developer Respawn Entertainment confirmed over its official website that there will be two separate technical tests for the multiplayer servers of “Titanfall 2.” The first will already be starting at Aug. 19 to 21, while there will be another next weekend from Aug. 26 to 28.

“The main reason we are doing a MP tech test is to satisfy an engineering goal—to stress test our servers and prove that they can scale. Since our server backend is per-platform, it means we only actually need a single platform to test this. More platforms can be a good sanity check but we don’t need to test them all to make sure we are on a good path for launch,” said Respawn’s Vince Zampella in the official blog.

This is the reason why the only platforms where the tech test will be available are PS4 and Xbox One. PC was excluded from the running since the hardware and spec optimisations are still being arranged.

Funnily enough, Zampella also hinted that the team didn’t want any leaks, especially in the single-player component of “Titanfall 2.” And for him, the PC players have been more likely to dig into the files and risk potential leaks before the actual launch of the game.

It appears that the tweaks on PC hardware are not the only things that the developer is still in the drawing board for. From the looks of it, the developer is still working on attaining its targeted FPS on all expected platforms.

Speaking to DualShockers, “Titanfall 2” Art Director Joel Emslie stated that the resolution is not yet finalised at the moment. The team is still supposedly putting together some features that will aid in improving the resolution, which is a target of 60 FPS for all platforms.

According to Emslie, this is the big goal that the creators are aiming for, alongside the goal of minimising the latency for both modes, single- and multiplayer.

Even with the 60FPS goal, however, Respawn is not yet giving any definitive numbers, as the team is not yet sure if the planned resolutions will run for the game and its intended devices.

“Titanfall 2” will be out on Oct. 28.

"Titanfall 2" official multiplayer trailer (Credit: YouTube/Titanfall Official)