Crash Bandicoot Skylanders
"Crash Bandicoot" villains are also landing in "Skylanders Imaginators." PlayStation Blog

Even years following its last release, “Crash Bandicoot” has remained in the sphere of fans’ minds. Now, Crash is confirmed to get back in the game—at least in “Skylanders Imaginators,” set to launch on the PS4 on Oct. 16.

Over at the PlayStation Blog, Vicarious Visions’ Narrative Lead David Rodriguez gave a bit of background as to how Crash came to be in the game. According to the developer, the team wanted to make sure that they deliver an experience that resounds the iconic title but will not alienate new fans.

Activision has also announced that there will be more content coming to “Skylanders Imaginators,” and these will bring in the villains of “Crash Bandicoot.”

Announced in a press release, Activision confirmed that there will be a dedicated “Crash Bandicoot” level featuring the Thumpin’ Wumpa Islands. There’s Kaos, who will accompany Dr. Neo Cortex. It seems that both characters will be fully playable toys in “Skylanders Imaginators.”

“From the moment we received the first fan art, we knew Skylanders was unique in its ability to fuel kids’ imaginations. With Skylanders Imaginators’ powerful character creation tools, we can’t wait to see what amazing Skylanders our fans will bring to life,” said Paul Reiche, president and co-founder of Toys For Bob.

“Now fans can create more characters than there are stars in the known universe. These Imaginators join a strong line-up of Sensei characters which include fan-favourite villains, now reformed and fighting for good!”

To get Kaos, fans only need to preorder the “Skylanders Imaginators” starter pack. Fans in Australia and New Zealand can also get a playable Kaos Sensei toy for free while supplies last.

The new “Crash Bandicoot” level will also have special Crash Zones, which will bring the boulder chases experience, the TNT boxes, crates and even the Wumpa Fruit, all of which hark back to the classic feel of the original games. As per the developer, this is an homage to the 20th anniversary iconic title.