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Nintendo signage is displayed at the company's booth at the 2014 Electronic Entertainment Expo, known as E3, in Los Angeles, California June 11, 2014. Reuters/Kevork Djansezian

It was only a matter of time before diligent hackers managed to break into the NES Classic Edition (Nintendo Mini). The popular remake of the legendary Nintendo Entertainment System has a total of 30 built-in games and for some, it’s just not good enough, which is why Nintendo played along with the inevitable and prepared a message to hackers within the console itself.

Twitter user bakueikozo posted a shot of Nintendo’s coded message, which says: “This is the hanafuda captain speaking. Launching emulation in 3.. 2.. 1. Many efforts, tears and countless hours have been put into this jewel. So, please keep this place tidied up and don’t break everything! Cheers, the hanafuda captain.”

Hanafuda are Japanese playing cards that are used for a handful of games. The word “hanafuda” literally means “flower cards.” Nintendo started out as a company that produced hanafuda playing cards back in September 1889 before becoming the renowned video game giant that it is now.

Nintendo actually continues to produce hanafuda cards in Japan, but only does so as an appreciation of its glorious past and not for commercial purposes. Back in 2006, Nintendo issued “Clubhouse Games” (also known in Japan as “Daredemo Asobi Taizen” and as “42 All-Time Classics” in some parts of Europe) for its Nintendo DS handheld console that included the Hawaiian version of hanafuda known as Koi-Koi.

Due to its inability to offer more games, the NES Classic Edition has recently become a target of hacking. A YouTuber that goes by the username Bakke showed off his Nintendo Mini in a video he uploaded over the weekend that had almost three times the amount of games that a regular version of the console normally has. Some of the best games spotted on the hacked console were “Adventure Island,” “Battletoads” and “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.”

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