Nintendo Switch
The Nintendo Switch is expected for release sometime in March, but a unveiling event is scheduled for Jan. 12. YouTube/Nintendo

The NES Classic Edition and Pokemon Go Plus were some of the hottest items of 2016, but they were also two of the most difficult to purchase because of the limited shipments. It could be that Nintendo will proceed with the same plan for the Nintendo Switch and cut low on stocks.

According to a retail source who spoke to GoNintendo, Nintendo Switch stocks will maximise at around 30 units per GameStop store in the United States. “Getting the Switch at GameStop might be a bit of a difficult endeavor,” they said. “It seems that -- not all -- but a good majority of GameStop stores are not going to have too many Switch units to go around.”

The publication’s source only discussed the stock levels at GameStop stores, but with the retailer being one of the biggest in the US, it is likely that Nintendo will apply the same shortage to all other major retailers. The amount of stocks that the Nintendo Switch will arrive with has not been confirmed by the Japanese company. However, with the recent past of the NES Classic Edition and Pokemon Go Plus, the idea is not so farfetched.

Keeping stocks at a minimum not only increases the media attention on the device, but it will also have members of the public working twice as hard to get their hands on the unit. And it only helps that the reports on the upcoming console have been nothing short of spectacular. One of the more recent executives that spoke about the device is Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang, who spoke with Venture Beat. “When you guys all see Switch, I believe people are going to be blown away, quite frankly” he said. “It’s really delightful.”

Nintendo is expected to unveil all the details of the Nintendo Switch at an upcoming event in Tokyo. The event will be held on Jan. 12 at 8pm PT (Jan. 13 at 3pm ACT) and will be aired live on the company’s official site.

Watch the reveal trailer or the Nintendo Switch

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