Nintendo Mini (NES Classic Edition)
The NES Classic Edition (Nintendo Mini) has triggered massive nostalgic fever to gamers the world over. Nintendo

A YouTuber with the username Bakke shows off his NES Classic Edition (Nintendo Mini) that has 84 games in a video he uploaded over the weekend. The popular remake of the classic Nintendo Entertainment System has recently become a target of hacking due to its inability to offer extra games.

Although the Nintendo Mini contains gold standard titles like “Donkey Kong,” “Double Dragon II: The Revenge,” “Final Fantasy,” “Galaga,” “Ghosts'n Goblins,” “Gradius,” “Ice Climber,” “Pac-Man,” “Punch-Out!! Featuring Mr. Dream,” “The Legend of Zelda” and the original “Super Mario Bros” trilogy, it’s clearly missing out on other classic gems that the NES Classic Edition mod shown on the video below has installed, albeit illegally. Some of the best games spotted on the hacked console include “Adventure Island,” “Battletoads” and “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.”

WATCH: NES Classic Edition Hacked | Nintendo Mini with 84 Games | Bakke

One Nintendo Mini console was sold every 18 seconds during its November 10 launch last year. Following the initial release, the company has barely provided retailers fresh stocks of the NES Classic Edition and demand grew vastly. The Nintendo Classic Mini was also among the chart toppers during Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

To say that the Nintendo Mini was a hot item during the holiday season is an understatement. The console was so in-demand that when Target Australia restocked and began selling it last December 12, the huge amount of hopeful buyers brought the site down. Just like it showed during its launch, the NES Classic Edition didn’t last long.

The Nintendo Mini furnishes a body that is a fraction of the size of the classic NES console. While it’s compact and lightweight, it doesn’t have a cartridge slot, which means that the only games that users are able to play are the pre-installed ones, unless the NES Classic Edition is hacked or modified. No official downloadable content and expansions are going to be made available as well since the Nintendo Mini has no expandable storage and Wi-Fi support.

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