Nintedo Switch
The Nintendo Switch is scheduled for release sometime in March 2017. YouTube/Nintendo

The Nintendo Switch event will kick off on Jan. 13, and the company executives have been kind enough to announce that the presentation will be live streamed. The upcoming console is already doing better than the Wii U in terms of marketing -- and arguably everything else the current generation failed on.

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When the Wii U was released, the public was caught by surprise and confusion. There were questions about what the console exactly did and whom it was for. On the other hand, the Nintendo Switch is already figured out on a shallow level. The teaser trailer revealed enough details about the device to confirm that it can be docked at home, taken on a roadtrip, connected to other consoles and taken apart for multi player.

But despite all of these levels, the Nintendo Switch is a relatively simply device. Unlike the Wii U, which required a separate controller tablet to play several of its games, the upcoming device seems to hold out well on its own. There is no saying at this point how efficient the unit is -- Nintendo did not specifically showcase how the home docked version morphs into a portable one -- but the device alone is practically everything one will need.

But Nintendo did not just correct all the mistakes of the Wii U, it enhanced the device’s best practices. Portability has always been a strong point of the Japanese company, and it has been this speciality that has helped push it forward. The Nintendo Switch, with all its different capabilities, seems to just be the result of years of understanding and practice.

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The Nintendo Switch Presentation will kick off in Tokyo on January 13 at 8pm PT (3pm ACT). The company’s official website will be in charge of the streaming.

Watch the teaser trailer for the Nintendo Switch