The Nintendo Switch
The Nintendo Switch, which was previously under the codename “Nintendo NX,” will be available in March 2017. Nintendo/

Despite numerous critics claiming that the Nintendo Switch is less powerful than PlayStation 4, some gaming experts believe that this may actually be good for the gaming industry. This is because gaming’s primary limitation at this point is budgetary and not technical. To explain it further, modern gaming is witnessing a massive increase in market and demand. However, budgets too have increased exponentially to keep up with this technical growth.

According to a report on Forbes, modern games are ending up costing a bomb but are failing to make the investment back. Therefore, investors are now extra cautious and hence are limiting development of newer games. Moreover, more and more studios are becoming bankrupt. The fact that the Nintendo Switch won’t be a massively powerful console means it is kind of placing a limit to insane investments and behaviours.

These days, developers focus more on graphics than on functionality of a game. This will have immense long-term negative effects of sale of games. Around 80 percent of game developers have vanished in the last console generation. Therefore, the Nintendo Switch is a relief. The company has shown that it’s not only about graphics but it’s more about what gamers do in the game.

Thus, it is more apt to say that Nintendo Switch has given game functionality more importance than graphics. Numerous sources have confirmed that Nintendo Switch will run on a Maxwell-based 20nm chip and not on Nvidia's newer 16nm Pascal technology. Another Forbes report has stated that “Nintendo has lowered clock speeds from the base specifications to hit battery life and thermal targets.”

The Nintendo Switch is reportedly less powerful when on the go than when docked. However, there is absolutely no reason to believe that high-end games will look less-impressive when played on Nintendo Switch. Still, various critics are of the opinion that Nintendo Switch’s main attraction of being both a home console and also a portable handheld console is a gimmick as the console is thoroughly underpowered.