The Nintendo Switch
The Nintendo Switch, which was previously under the codename “Nintendo NX,” will be available in March 2017. Nintendo/

Nintendo fans are eagerly waiting for Jan. 12, 2017 to arrive as the company is going to reveal important details about the Nintendo Switch gaming console. It will also reveal the games that will be made available when Switch launches. The price and release date of the console will also be shared. Fresh reports suggest that Nintendo may have accidentally revealed the release date of the Switch console on MyNintendo.

The Nintendo Switch Presentation in 2017 will be instrumental in either confirming or rejecting all the rumours that are circulating and have circulated since news of the console hit the Internet. Nintendo has not officially revealed any information yet but a certain discrepancy in the MyNintendo rewards has possibly revealed the Nintendo Switch release date. Nintendo’s reward program allows players to accumulate points when buying and playing games, writes Tech Times.

The points that accumulate can be used to avail discounts and download digital games. Recently, a Redditor, who goes by the name King_Of_Rad_Lions has found out an interesting point while browsing through his MyNintendo rewards. In case of MyNintendo, rewards generally expire on the first of a month so that new rewards can be accommodated. However, the Redditor found that many of the recently added rewards expire on March 16.

This could mean that the Nintendo Switch hybrid console could be released on March 17. Interestingly, Nintendo had earlier talked about a March 2017 release date for the console. Hence, the Redditor might be correct. Speculations are running rampant but the silent fan is simply waiting bated breath for Jan. 12 to arrive.

Despite numerous critics claiming that the Nintendo Switch is less powerful than PlayStation 4, some gaming experts believe that this may actually be good for the gaming industry. Click here to know more.