Nintendo Mini (NES Classic Edition)
The NES Classic Edition (Nintendo Mini) has triggered massive nostalgic fever to gamers the world over. Nintendo

The upcoming launch of the Nintendo Mini (NES Classic Edition) is already causing waves of nostalgia. While the remake of the classic Nintendo Entertainment System brings back a lot of great retro memories to fans of the original console, it is also bound to draw interest from the new generation of gamers.

The new Nintendo Mini is compact and lightweight, featuring a body that is a fraction of the classic NES console’s size. The whole system is powered by the common USB cable provided that can be connected directly to a TV port or a power socket, although an AC adapter is not included. The box also comes with a free HDMI cable. The whole NES Classic Edition is literally a plug-and-play device.

The Nintendo Classic Mini has no cartridge slot, which means that the only games that users will be able to play are the built-in ones. There won’t be any additional downloadable content and expansions to be made available as well since the new NES system has no Internet support and expandable storage. Although only one controller is provided, a slot is available for one more.

The Nintendo Mini comes with these 30 classic games:

  1. Balloon Fight
  2. Bubble Bobble
  3. Castlevania
  4. Castlevania II: Simon's Quest
  5. Donkey Kong
  6. Donkey Kong Jr
  7. Double Dragon II: The Revenge
  8. Dr. Mario
  9. Excitebike
  10. Final Fantasy
  11. Galaga
  12. Ghosts'n Goblins
  13. Gradius
  14. Ice Climber
  15. Kid Icarus
  16. Kirby's Adventure
  17. Mario Bros
  18. Mega Man 2
  19. Metroid
  20. Pac-Man
  21. Punch-Out!! Featuring Mr. Dream
  22. Ninja Gaiden
  23. StarTropics
  24. Super Contra
  25. Super Mario Bros
  26. Super Mario Bros 2
  27. Super Mario Bros 3
  28. Tecmo Bowl
  29. The Legend of Zelda
  30. Zelda II: The Adventure of Link

The Nintendo Classic Mini, which is also known as the Family Computer, will feature three display options: the regular 4:6 mode, the reinforced Pixel Perfect mode and the classic CRT mode.

The Nintendo Mini will be made available in stores starting Nov. 10 in Australia. The classic NES remake will retail for $99.95. An extra controller carries a price tag of $19.95.