Nintendo Mini (NES Classic Edition)
The NES Classic Edition (Nintendo Mini) has triggered massive nostalgic fever to gamers the world over. Nintendo

Way to go, Australian NES fans. The hard-to-find remake of the Nintendo Entertainment System just hit Australian shores. Target Australia restocked the NES Classic Edition on Monday, and now it’s gone again.

Nintendo’s most sought after console was made available Monday at Target. And just like it demonstrated during its launch, the Nintendo Classic Mini didn’t last long. The retro gaming console has triggered massive nostalgic fever to gamers the world over.

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Since its launch, Nintendo has barely supplied retailers new stocks of the NES Classic Edition and demand has grown immensely. The console, which is regularly priced at $99.95, is up for over $300 in some online stores. Target Australia began selling the in-demand Nintendo Mini on Monday at 8:00 a.m. AEDT on its online store and according to Kotaku, the enormous amount of hopeful shoppers crashed the site.

This is exactly what happened to another Australian retailer when it began selling the NES Classic Edition. The EB Games web store went offline when the overwhelming amount of traffic was too much even for the large retailer to handle. Target has since gone back online, but the Nintendo Mini has unfortunately run out. There’s no word yet if Target has another batch of the NES Classic Edition coming for Australian fans.

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In the US, Best Buy is set to restock the NES Classic Mini on Dec. 20. The new stocks will only be available at physical stores, so American NES fans will have to grind it out as the holiday rush is surely going to be unforgiving. According to Forbes, a Best Buy spokesperson said that the giant retailer has “extremely limited stock” of the NES Classic Edition, so it’s most likely going to sell out in a matter of minutes. Best of luck to those who will wait it out in the cold, as Best Buy intends to sell the Nintendo Mini in a first-come, first-served basis.