‘New Girl’ season 7 & ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ season 5
‘New Girl’ season 7 is going to be the last hurrah for Jess and company while NYPD’s wacky squad is guaranteed to return on ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ season 5 after a brief period of uncertainty. Fox/New Girl/Brooklyn Nine-Nine

US network Fox has renewed a couple of its comedy shows. “New Girl” season 7 is going to be the last hurrah for Jess and the gang while NYPD’s wacky squad is guaranteed to return on “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” season 5 after a short period of uncertainty. Both shows made their respective announcements on Facebook.

The Zooey Deschanel series “New Girl” is coming back for its seventh and final season. Unfortunately for fans, season 7 is going to be shortened to just eight episodes. Jake Johnson, who plays Nick Miller on the show, confirmed the upcoming season’s episode count via Twitter (see post below).

“New Girl” is its network’s longest running live action comedy series. The show’s first season premiered in September 2011. In addition to Deschanel and Johnson, the series also stars Max Greenfield as Schmidt, Hannah Simone as Cece and Lamorne Morris as Winston.

The series’ renewal was previously up in the air, but the fans can breathe a collective sigh of relief now that Fox has decided to extend the show one last time. Just a few weeks ago, series creator Liz Meriwether wasn’t able to confirm the show’s return. When she was asked about it, all she could say was, “I genuinely don’t know. Fingers crossed.”

“Brooklyn Nine-Nine” has also been renewed for another season. But unlike “New Girl,” the cop-comedy series’ upcoming fifth season isn’t going to be its last. The show stars Andy Samberg as Jake, a talented but childish law enforcement officer.

Just a month ago, the cop show’s future was also uncertain. The series’ executive producer, Dan Goor, even acknowledged that the showrunners haven’t written a possible finale for the current season, so it’s great that the show is set to return. He even joked about an uprising had the detective-comedy series not been renewed.

“[Fans] are going to find the presidents of Fox and they are going to deface their houses,” said Goor. “No, I’m kidding. Probably shouldn’t say that... I know I would riot. I would be very upset.”

“Cruel Intentions” star Ryan Phillippe is set to appear in the series’ season 4 finale as Milton, Gina’s (Chelsea Peretti) “potential love interest.” The Beyoncé-loving secretary’s former flame and now stepbrother Charles (Joe Lo Truglio) is reportedly against the pairing.

“Brooklyn Nine-Nine” season 4 premiered on Sept. 20 of last year. The series is available for Australian viewers to watch on SBS every Wednesday at 8:00 p.m. “New Girl” season 7 will be available via Fox8.


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