‘New Girl’ season 6, episode 21: ‘San Diego’
‘New Girl’ season 6, episode 21 (‘San Diego’) tells the tale of two Winstons. Fox/New Girl

On “San Diego,” Jess (Zooey Deschanel) and her dad Bob (Rob Reiner) help out each other with their love lives while Nick (Jake Johnson) asks Aly (Nasim Pedrad) for some relationship advice. Schmidt (Max Greenfield), meanwhile, reveals his first name on “New Girl” season 6 episode 21 (New Girl 6x21).

Spoiler alert: This recap contains plot details about “New Girl” season 6. The sixth season premiered Sept. 20. The show is available in Australia via Fox8.

Jess is still in Portland with Bob, trying to figure out her feelings for Nick. She says she’s fine but her dad retorts that she’s a wreck.

Jess finds out that Bob has been single for months, having broken up with his partner. She hooks him up with a recently widowed restaurateur, but is surprised when Bob says he’s in love after only one date. Her father tries to do the same for Jess, but she admits to not being able to move on from her ex-boyfriend.

Nick asks Aly for some advice on how to break up with Reagan (Megan Fox). Aly tells him to be straightforward about it and make it quick because “the train has already left the station.” But good ol’ Nick botches his attempt and instead invites Reagan to go to a beach in San Diego.

While they’re on the train going to San Diego, Nick gets off at the Anaheim station and leaves Reagan. He tries to call Jess in Portland but Bob answers. They have a short conversation in which Bob is convinced that Nick deserves Jess, but it gets cut off when Reagan arrives at the loft. The two finally break up, and both admitted that they have wanted to do so for some time.

Bob tells Jess about his one-on-one with Nick. He says that he believes Nick might still be in love with her without knowing it. The following morning, Jess makes her way to the airport, ready to go home and profess her love to Nick.

Schmidt, meanwhile, is mad that the name of the foundation he wants to establish (The Schmidt Charitable Trust) is already taken. His wife, Cece (Hannah Simone), convinces him to use his first name instead. Before Schmidt decides to do so, he meets up with Winston (Lamorne Morris) to tell him about the big decision. It turns out that they both have the same first name, and Schmidt only decided to drop his to avoid confusion during their college days.

After much deliberation, Winston finally agrees that there’s room for one more Winston. Unfortunately, Nick complicates things and demands only one of them should be called Winston, which sparks a quarrel between the two namesakes. The two Winstons finally sort things out when the “old” one agrees to be called The Bish, but Schmidt quickly drops the whole thing when he hears how wrong it sounds when Cece says “I love you, Winston” to him.