‘New Girl’ season 6, episode 18
Jess loses control over her students on ‘New Girl’ season 6, episode 18 (‘Young Adult’). Fox/New Girl

Jess (Zooey Deschanel) seeks the help of Nick (Jake Johnson) and ‘The Pepperwood Chronicles’ to make her a cool principal, Schmidt (Max Greenfield) hires an executive assistant while Winston (Lamorne Morris) finds out about his pet cat’s double life on “New Girl” season 6 episode 18 (New Girl 6x18).

Spoiler alert: This recap contains plot details about “New Girl” season 6. The sixth season premiered Sept. 20. The show is available in Australia via Tenplay.​

Jess, Schmidt, Nick and Cece (Hannah Simone) argue over coffee. Only a few remaining sips are available and apparently the most stressed out person gets to have it. Winston butts in and stops them from tearing each other apart over “the devil’s water,” and proceeds to pour the remaining coffee into his own cup.

Nick is pressured to write a sequel to his novel, “The Pepperwood Chronicles.” Jess convinces him to take part in a book discussion with some of her students to help him figure out where the story of the sequel should go, but in reality, she only wants her students to see her as their cool “princi-pal.” Unfortunately for Jess, her plan backfires as she loses control over the students, who now casually refer to her as PJ (short for Principal Jess).

Jess tells Nick never to go back to her school again following an incident where the students partied at her office. Jess finally snaps when one of the students talks back to her disrespectfully and she reprimands them. The students eventually apologise to her, but not without realising that Nick put them up to it.

Meanwhile, Schmidt is required to look for an assistant as his company’s new director of marketing. He hires an odd fellow named Jeremy (Asif Ali), who is almost a mind reader and genie-like when it comes to anticipating and fulfilling Schmidt’s needs. After a series of creepy Jeremy incidents, Schmidt finally tells his assistant to take it down a notch, but Jeremy refuses when he finds out that Schmidt also used to be a pressing workaholic like him.

Winston finds out that his pet cat Ferguson apparently has two families. The feline has also been taking shelter at another loft where he is called as Sweatshirt by a lady named Gil (Mary Holland). With Gil not about to give up Ferguson, Winston suggests a “cat call” contest to let the mouser decide who his owner should be. Ferguson ultimately goes with Winston.


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