Mathew John and Vihan Suryavanshi
Mathew John and Vihan Suryavanshi Mathew John

A groundbreaking collaboration where creativity meets passion is unfolding, bringing together two visionary minds from distinct corners of the world. Mathew John, the illustrious businessman and owner of My Dream RV Cinema in Melbourne, Australia, and Vihan Suryavanshi, acclaimed Indian filmmaker and the creative genius behind Avihra Talkies in Mumbai, are joining forces.

Their shared endeavour? A spectacular Australian club football sports documentary entitled "The Ultimate Dream." The series promises to transcend boundaries and elevate the spirit of the sport.

Visionaries Behind the Scene

This collaboration is a convergence of talent and a montage orchestrated by true sports aficionados.

Mathew John—The Business Maestro Turned Cinematic Innovator

Mathew John, known for his business acumen, is channeling his passion for football into a cinematic venture beyond entertainment. My Dream RV Cinema is his storytelling platform.

John's ambition for My Dream RV Cinema stretches beyond the ordinary. He aims to leave an indelible mark in the entertainment industry in Australia and around the globe by producing real-life, heartfelt series across various sports, delving into the emotions behind the athletes' journeys. With a talented crew and state-of-the-art technology, My Dream RV Cinema's scope includes movies, ad films, and all aspects of entertainment, ensuring the capacity to execute projects of any scale.

Vihan Suryavanshi—The Filmmaking Prodigy

On the other side of the globe, Vihan Suryavanshi is pursuing filmmaking excellence. With an impressive track record, including directorial triumphs for top production houses in Mumbai, Suryavanshi has garnered global accolades. His works have been celebrated at prestigious international and Indian film festivals, earning 18 awards attest to his storytelling prowess. His directorial career extends beyond the silver screen, as he has lent his creative touch to ad films for renowned brands and public service films.

Before stepping into the directorial limelight, Suryavanshi honed his craft through feature films. He has collaborated with renowned foreign filmmakers like Michael Winterbottom on "A Mighty Heart," produced by Brad Pitt and Andrew Eaton and featuring Angelina Jolie and Irrfan Khan, with Michael Sajbel on "One Night with The King," featuring Academy Award winners Peter O'Toole and Omar Sharif, and with Indian filmmaker Nagesh Kukunoor. Suryavanshi's work is a tapestry of experiences woven with some of the industry's luminaries.

Ahvira Talkies is his new artistic venture, crafting diverse creations that encompass captivating films, engaging ads, thought-provoking documentaries, and compelling series.

The Making of the Ultimate Dream: An Ode to Football

Together, Mathew John and Vihan Suryavanshi are embarking on a monumental cinematic journey, fusing their passion for storytelling and the love of football. This collaboration overcomes geographical boundaries, cultural nuances, and industry norms, promising an extraordinary ode to the beloved game.

My Dream RV Cinema and Avihra Talkies are filming "The Ultimate Dream" documentary series for the prestigious Heidelberg United Football Club, a soccer club based in Melbourne, Australia, to capture the essence of the team's journey and the passion of their players, families, and fans. Its objective is to promote the sports and sow the seeds of awareness at grassroots levels.

A Call to Transcend Sports Boundaries

The docuseries is an ambitious undertaking, but both John and Suryavanshi promise to deliver an extraordinary homage to football. It is poised to be more than just a visual treat as it also aims to inspire a new generation of sports enthusiasts.

A blend of engaging storytelling, cinematic finesse, and a celebration of football, "The Ultimate Dream" is a clarion call to football fans and cinephiles alike. Audiences can expect to witness a cinematic spectacle that promises to entertain and ignite the passion for the beautiful game in hearts worldwide.