The seventh episode of “NCIS New Orleans” Season 2 titled “Broken Hearted” was aired on CBS on Tuesday. The "NCIS New Orleans" team, that includes "NCIS" Special Agent-in-Charge Dwayne Pride (Scott Bakula), "NCIS" Special Agent and Senior Field Agent Christopher LaSalle (Lucas Black) and "NCIS" Special Agent Meredith "Merri" Brody (Zoe McLellan), embarked on a mission to find a stolen heart. Brody’s mother, Olivia, (Annie Potts) also helped them in the search.

Special agent Brody discovered murder conspiracy website and eventually found out that her sister is involved in it. She immediately informed her mother about it but she just laughed it off. Brody later questioned her mother about the case she was handling at that moment in which the Naval Branch Health Clinic found the bodies of two Naval Foremen.

Brody also noticed that Hospital Corpsman Wesley Mott's (Jesse Malinowski) Common Access Card (CAC), that was required for getting in and out of the hospital, was missing. Mott was working on a secret mission for the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), which is a naval organisation that Mrs. Brody coincidentally works for.

The “NCIS” team visited the DARPA’s New Orleans office to find out Mott’s roles and responsibilities under Brody’s mother’s orders. The team found out that he was assigned in overseeing an organ transfer. Mrs. Brody also had a naval technician at the office who was in the process of shutting down most of the criminal activity that was taking place online. However, the officer’s guy, Max Pinzon (Benjamin Papac), was sick and needed a heart transplant. His rare blood type just added to the troubles of finding a suitable donor for him.

Mrs. Brody somehow managed to find a heart for him but it was stolen by an unidentified person. This was supposed to be the main cause of the death of two naval officers as well as Mott and Hospital Corpsman Aleah Baldwin (Cariella Smith).

The team found out that someone had hired a hitman who was instructed to kill anyone who stood in the way of collecting that heart. Loretta (CCH Pounder) smelled some conspiracy by just taking a look at the heart that was ready to be transplanted. She figured out that the heart was quite big for Max.

The "NCIS New Orleans" team then suspected a swap and searched the black market for any possible clue. They discovered that someone requested a doctor for the heart. The team then followed the links and got a hold of the man behind all this conspiracy. It was Thomas Dolan, who is also featured on the list of the FBI's Most Wanted. It turns out he needed the heart for himself.

Dolan only came out after several years when he found out that Pinzon, who has the same blood type, also needed a similar surgery. The agents found Dolan who was left brain dead due to the operation. The "NCIS New Orleans" team then rushed to return the heart to Max, but the condition of the heart deteriorated and led to the failure of the surgery. Click here to watch a video of "Broken Hearted" from the show's official website.

"NCIS New Orleans" airs Tuesdays on CBS. The next episode is "Confluence" and it will air on Nov. 10.

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