Executive producer Mark Harmon (L) and cast members Zoe McLellan (C) and Scott Bakula of the new series "NCIS: New Orleans " participate in a panel discussion during CBS network's portion of the 2014 Television Critics Association Cable Summer Press Tour in Beverly Hills, California July 17, 2014. Reuters/Kevork Djansezian

The fifth episode of “NCIS New Orleans” Season 2 titled “Foreign Affairs” was aired on CBS on Tuesday. In this episode, the "NCIS New Orleans" team which includes "NCIS" Special Agent in Charge Dwayne Pride (Scott Bakula), "NCIS" Special Agent and Senior Field Agent Christopher LaSalle (Lucas Black) and "NCIS" Special Agent Meredith "Merri" Brody (Zoe McLellan), investigates the murder of an Australian Royal Navy lieutenant.

In “Foreign Affairs,” Lachlan Colston is murdered in the U.S. Colston was a key witness in the new nuclear weapons deal and his death can ruin the said deal. Australian Defence Force Investigative Service (ADFIS) Agent Naomi Parsons (Kate Beahan) from the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) is brought on board to help Pride in solving this murder mystery.

Pride and Parsons start their investigation and visit the medical examiner to know about the autopsy results. They find out that Colston was stabbed to death. The manner in which he was mutilated was bizarre as his right index finger was also chopped off. The team then takes the route of trapping the murderers, i.e. by hiring those who murdered the victim for money. They choose a park location to catch the killer and drops off the money there. Parsons moved in earlier than expected and grabs the person who was picking up the money. But soon she learns that the person was hired by the killers to pick up the money for someone else.

This step turns out to be a huge mistake as the killer escaped upon learning about the entire setup. However, the "NCIS New Orleans" team still managed to locate the killer’s warehouse and found some pictures of Lt. Brad Ryder (Donny Boaz). Ryder had a very close association with Colston.

The team suspected that maybe the hitman aimed to murder Ryder but killed Colston by mistake. But Parsons has a different theory in her mind. She thinks that Ryder, being deep-neck in debt could have targeted Colston who was at his place. This could have confused all the people he owed money to. Without wasting a minute, Parsons asked her government to detain Ryder.

Pride was not pleased with Parsons’ way of investigation and managed to prove that Ryder was innocent. The team now had another theory: that someone had hired a hitman to kill Colston in a way that the entire blame fell upon Ryder.

Ryder’s girlfriend, Cheryl, now enters the scene. She lied that she had never met Colston. However, the hitman had pictures of the two together. At the end of the episode, the "NCIS New Orleans" team sets Cheryl free and takes care of her bandmate, who happens to be the stalker and murderer. The budding chemistry between Pride and Parsons was also hinted upon.

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