The fourth episode of “NCIS New Orleans” Season 2 was aired on Tuesday on CBS. The episode, titled “I Do,” featured the team investigating the murder of Navy drone pilot Max Griggs (Jody Mullins) as they come across mind-boggling facts about him.

Griggs’ dead body was discovered at a wedding reception of a Seabee. The "NCIS New Orleans" team also found out that the corpse was of a drone pilot. Incidentally, drone pilots hide their identity because they are at great risk of being murdered.

Dwayne Pride (Scott Bakula) visited the New Orleans headquarters with Christopher LaSalle (Lucas Black) and tried to get more details about Griggs. Pride inquired about the recent leaks regarding drone, pilots but the officers were tight-lipped and refused to divulge any information.

Pride and his team had only one clue about the mishap. The word “Killer” was spray-painted on Griggs’ car just a few days before his death. Sebastian Lund (Rob Kerkovich) worked on finding out where the paint came from and found out that it was Kevin Mitchell (Harlon Miller) who tagged the car. Mitchell admitted that he had an argument with Griggs but denied killing him. He also mentioned Griggs’s secret room, which could possibly open other aspects of the case.

The "NCIS New Orleans" team found out that Griggs was carrying out aerial surveillance on most of the military bases in New Orleans, which could mean that he was keeping an eye on the government. They also found out that Griggs had some military surveillance footage with the help of a black market drone. He was spying on the fields around the military bases. This prompted the agents to dig deeper into the evidence, and they ended up finding the body of Louisa Banks.

Banks recently went missing when she went for a run a few days back. The team reached the conclusion that Griggs only wanted to find Louisa. Eventually, they discovered that Boone was the culprit behind the murders. Griggs' drone was also returned by LaSalle to his son. At the end of the "NCIS New Orleans" Season 2, episode 4 ‘I Do’ episode, they took the drone for another flight.

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