Pregnant women taking paracetamol may result in ADHD in kids

A new study has suggested that taking the common pain-relieving medication acetaminophen during pregnancy may be associated with increased risk of multiple behavioural problems in children. Acetaminophen is used by numerous pregnant women for pain and fever and is considered safe during pregnancy.

Cannabis Australia: Independent medical committee established to supervise medical marijuana rollout in Victoria

Andrews government has revealed that an independent medical committee with 16 people will supervise the medicinal cannabis rollout in Victoria. The committee will also advise the next group of patients who will be provided access to the drug. The government committed $28.5 million in this year’s budget to make medical marijuana available next year to children suffering from severe epilepsy.

Anti-inflammatory drug mefenamic acid reverses Alzheimer’s disease

Alzheimer's Disease
New research has revealed that a commonly-used anti-inflammatory drug may be used to treat the dreaded Alzheimer’s disease. The researchers used an experimental model of Alzheimer's and found out that the drug successfully treated the condition. The anti-inflammatory drug completely reversed brain inflammation and memory loss in mice.
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Cancer breakthrough: New study reveals cancer’s unusual survival mechanism, may help in developing effective cancer treatments

Scientists from Queen Mary University of London have made a breakthrough in understanding how cancer cells spread around the body and form tumours. The study says that a cancer cell’s ability to survive as it spreads may well be the weapon to fight the disease. As per the scientists, cancerous cells depend on an unusual survival mechanism to spread around the body. Thus, how cancer spreads and survives could well be the key to curing it.
Skin Cancer

New melanoma drugs offer hope for skin cancer patients

Health expert Dr. Miriam Stoppard has revealed that there are now drugs that can stop deadly skin cancer melanoma cells from dividing. Treatments such as immunotherapy and targeted therapy can help thousands of people diagnosed with skin cancer.