Mifepristone is a safe and effective abortion pill that has been used to induce non-surgical abortions in other countries. Health Canada is now being urged to approve its use in the country.

Health Canada Being Supplicated To Authorise The Use of Abortion Pills

The National Abortion Federation Canada is advocating the legalisation of abortion pills in the country as statistics reveal that one out of three Canadian women is likely to have an abortion in her lifetime. The problem, the agency says, is that these women will not have access to safe and effectual abortion pills. The medical group is now working to urge Health Canada to approve the use of abortion pills, particularly the drug mifepristone, which has been used legally since the year 2000 in se...
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American Doctor And Ebola Survivor Sets Out For West Africa

American doctor, Dr. Richard Sacra, was cured of the deadly Ebola virus after he contracted the lethal disease while on a medical mission in West Africa in August of last year. Now, Dr. Sacra is reportedly returning to Liberia in order to lend a hand to his exhausted colleagues in that region.
Cancer Cells

Cancer Death Rates Fall

The American Cancer Society has published a report indicating a significant fall in cancer rates since 1991.
A pedestrian braves the elements during a winter storm on January 22, 2014 in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The winter weather system, which is expected to continue into the night, has battered the Atlantic provinces with gusting winds and heavy snowfall.   REUTE

Common Cold Grows In Chilly Weather, Study Finds

Chilly weather numbs the body's ability to fight the common cold. The virus that causes common cold replicates better at cooler temperatures because at cooler temperatures the human antiviral immune system is not as responsive as at higher temperatures.
Dengue Patient

Discovery of Dengue Vaccine

Researchers have found a new class of dengue antibodies that can help to develop a vaccine for the disease.
Pregnant woman

US Court Strikes Down North Carolina Abortion Law

A law in North Carolina that required doctors to describe to a pregnant woman about her fetus before she has an abortion has been struck down on the grounds that it violates freedom of expression.
Sugary food

Corn Syrup More Harmful Than Sugar

Female mice fed on a diet containing corn syrup died faster and reproduced slower than those that were fed a diet containing table sugar, a new study found.
Health Officials in Protective Suits Put a Goose Into a Sack as Part of Preventive Measures Against the H7N9 Bird Flu at a Poultry Market in Zhuji, Zhejiang Province

Wild Geese Spread Bird Flu, Study Shows

A new study shows that wild geese may carry bird flu virus on their wings when they migrate. The study uses GPS tracking data of four species of Asian wild fowl and genetic analysis of the virus to suggest that the strain H5N1 travels along migratory flyways.
Does Making New Years Resolution Encourage Procrastination?

Making New Year's Resolution Encourages Procrastination

Researchers at the University of Scranton published a study in the Journal of Clinical Psychology that revealed that out of forty five percent of Americans that make new year's resolutions, only around eight percent of them actually succeed in keeping to the resolutions that they make.