Megan Marx
"The Bachelor Australia" 2016 contestant Megan Marx poses for a photo dated Dec.17, 2015. Instagram/megan.leto.marx

It seems that “The Bachelor Australia” 2016 contestants are still enjoying the limelight, even after being booted off the mansion.

Eliminated bachelorettes Megan Marx and Tiffany Scanlon recently shocked fans with a series of Instagram photos having some fun while they’re both topless. In one post, the two ladies are wearing only their undies as they share a strand of spaghetti, like that iconic scene in “Lady and the Tramp.”

In another image, they are both sitting down, holding the plate and smiling at each other. “The spaghetti was fairly good enough,” Megan wrote. Tiffany, on the other hand, commented, “tramps, no ladies here!” They seemed to have ventured outside as well, as they had another photo – still topless – hiding behind a rock. Fans were left clueless, wondering what inspired this series of shots.

Perhaps it’s a ruse to let “The Bachelor” 2016 star Richie Strahan see what he’s missing. Whatever their reasons are, Megan and Tiffany continue to become a hot topic for the reality show’s fans. It would be remembered that Megan, a 27-year-old health promotions officer, rejected Richie during a rose ceremony and promptly walked out the mansion. Megan caused Richie to tear up when she admitted, “From the moment I met you, I felt like you’re someone I could fall in love with, but I just can’t fall in love with such competition and intensity.”

Afterwards, she took to Instagram to blast the baby date, wherein Richie tested the contestants’ parenting skills using a robotic baby. She wrote, “Question. In the real world, would you date a guy who gave you a fake baby to look after on your second date? Or would you assume he’s about to swap your pill for vitamins. HAA. Nonetheless these babies were cool.”

Meanwhile, Tiffany, a 29-year-old training assistant, confessed that she was surprised to leave the competition earlier than she expected. There were no hard feelings, however, as she offered an amusing explanation on why she was sent home. “I guess that it's probably something to do with me talking about vomiting and making vomit angels,” she told PopSugar.

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To date, there are only seven remaining contestants on “The Bachelor Australia,” which airs every Wednesday and Thursday on Channel TEN.