Richie Strahan
Richie Strahan is the newest "Bachelor" on Ten Network. Instagram/richie_strahan

In another highly emotional episode of “The Bachelor” Australia, three more ladies were booted off the competition and removed from Richie Strahan’s future bride list.

Channel 10’s romantic reality show shocked its fans when front runner Tiffany Scanlon ended up packing her bags and leaving “The Bachelor” mansion, along with Tolyna Baan and Janey Birks. After a day filled with romance, action and a controversial near-kiss between Richie and Megan Marx, Osher Gunsberg announced that three contestants would be eliminated that night.

Fans were not exactly surprised when Richie said goodbye to Tolyna and Janey. However, they were completely floored when 29-year-old Tiffany also ended up on the chopping block, especially since she’s considered one of the favourites from the time she received the very first rose this season.

The training assistant confessed she also couldn’t believe that she left the house this early. Tiffany wasn’t utterly devastated about her loss, however, and offered an amusing explanation on why she was sent home. “I guess that it's probably something to do with me talking about vomiting and making vomit angels,” she told PopSugar. Tiffany admitted that it may not be the best topic to talk with a romantic prospect, but she got nervous when she found herself alone with Richie.

Apparently, she told Richie that she wants to “have that Pitch Perfect moment where the girl throws up.” It was clear that this year’s bachelor didn’t share her humour. “I probably pushed myself into the friend category,” Tiffany revealed. Her exit from the mansion wasn’t too heartbreaking, she said. “I don't think I was there long enough to be invested in him in anyway,” she continued. It may be because she didn’t feel any instant chemistry with Richie, unlike the other ladies like Nikki Gogan, Alex Nation, Megan and Olena Khamula.

Speaking of the other “The Bachelor” Australia contestants, Tiffany said she got along with her contenders. “Even Keira and I got along, we'd cook good food together and she'd run barre classes for us,” she told PopSugar. She admitted that she feels frustrated, however, because she sees people “behaving a bit differently on camera to what they were off camera.”

Despite this, Tiffany said she’s willing to try the whole experience again, but there are things she’d do differently. “I wish that I had known the things going into it that I know now,” she claimed. “I probably wouldn't talk about vomiting… I would never not do the experience because I made some awesome friends and I had a lot of fun.”

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