Keira Maguire The Bachelor Australia
Actress Keira Maguire's photo posted on March 5, 2016

Keira Maguire is the latest contestant to get booted from “The Bachelor Australia.” The way she was sent home was quite different from the traditional rose ceremony, since bachelor Richie Strahan was in a rush to get rid of Keira, immediately axing her after a terrible date on Aug. 19, 2016.

When Keira, 29, arrived on “The Bachelor Australia,” she was immediately deemed the villain. However, she contested that she is not the real mean girl on the show. During her car confessional, Keira shared that she was very happy to exit “The Bachelor Australia.” She named the real mean girls and added that she does not care for any of them.

The 29-year-old revealed that there are a few girls on “The Bachelor Australia” who are not who they seem on camera. She particularly mentioned how Rachael and Kiki were very hard to live with. She also said how Olena was an amazing person. Keira admired the bachelor Richie Strahan a lot, saying how she could have fallen for him.

Keira told that the girls were all “nasty pieces of work,” and that she would not date half of those in the current “The Bachelor Australia” roster if she were a guy. Keira does not believe that she was presented unfairly on “The Bachelor Australia,” and understands how her outspoken and honest nature placed her within the sights of the show producers. Keira most likely knew that she would not last long on the show.

Keira continued that the girls knew that she was an easy target because of her ways, but all of them did not take her statements seriously on “The Bachelor Australia.” She explained that many of the things she said were in jest and should have been taken lightly, but these were used against her on the show. Keira was further allegedly portrayed as the bad girl on “The Bachelor Australia,” leading viewers to hate her. Ultimately, Keira was sent packing unceremoniously after she took control of a yoga date.

The Bachelor Australia” airs on Network Ten. More updates and details are expected soon.

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