Richie Strahan 2
Richie Strahan takes a selfie in a post dated February 9, 2016 Instagram/richie_strahan

Beautiful contenders Noni Janur and Megan Marx have been keeping viewers of “The Bachelor” very entertained with things they have been up to which have nothing to do with the show itself.

The two sexy bombshells are not too shy of showing off their bumps and curves as they flaunt them on social media. By the looks of them, it looks like bachelor Richie Strahan will have a very hard time picking who to marry at the end of the season.

Last Sunday, 25-year-old swimwear designer Noni Janur posted a short videoclip of herself in an orange swimsuit with her cleavage exposed. While it came with the popular flower crown filter, those who have seen the post clearly had their eyes glancing somewhere else, says a post in Daily Mail

Health promotions Megan Marx appears to be up for the challenge as she sports a bikini in her recent Snapchat uploads. She wore a bule triangle cut bikini top while holding on to an inflatable toy. It appears that she was enjoying the beautiful outdoors which complemented her gorgeous classic blonde good looks.

Megan then proceeded to jump into the water from a high point which shows how adventurous this fan favourite is.

Recently, Megan has reportedly left Strahan devastated after walking out on him on the show. It has also been reported that she thought Richie was not being true to himself. Thus, this led her to bow out and follow her heart. Despite her unexpected exit, Megan has revealed on Snapchat what Richie has been missing. The 27 year old posted a revealing video in which she stripped off all her clothes for a skinny dipping session in a beach, says another post in Daily Mail.

“Not Joking” says the caption in the post as Megan appears completely nude in the snap. The post zooms in on her and treats those who saw it to a generous view of her cleavage. Shortly after, she was wearing a shirt to keep her warm and the post says that “that was a lot colder than I thought it was going to be.” Unfortunately, things might be going colder for Richie Strahan as he misses on a great opportunity to be with this blonde beauty. “The Bachelor Australia” airs every Wednesdays and Thursdays at 7:30PM on Channel TEN.