Noni Janur
"The Bachelor Australia" 2016 contestant Noni Janur, 25, is a swimwear designer. Instagram/nonijanur

The Bachelor Australia” 2016 contestant Noni Janur’s latest bombshell about why she was booted out the show is a bit hard to swallow.

On her personal Facebook page, the 25-year-old swimwear designer made a suggestive pun, referring to the reason of her elimination last week. At the end of Wednesday’s episode, Noni and 29-year-old law student Khalia were left without roses, signalling their time to leave the competition.

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To answer why “The Bachelor” 2016 star Richie Strahan sent her packing, Noni jokingly wrote, “Probably when he found out I didn’t swallow.” It was quite a different picture the week before, when she broke down after finding out that she’s the only contestant who hasn’t been on a single date with the 31-year-old bachelor.

“It’s hard for me because I haven’t had that single date,” she complained. “And I watch all these girls having that and I’m just like, ‘Why am I here?’ I don’t know.” Richie then apologised and tried to comfort Noni by making her laugh. After showing her vulnerable side, Noni confessed, “There’s definitely a connection there that I feel could blossom into something.” However, that’s apparently not the case as she’s no longer in the running to be Richie’s future girlfriend.

Meanwhile, another “The Bachelor” 2016 eliminated contestant grabbed headlines for blasting the baby challenge. In one of the dates, Richie tested the ladies’ maternal instinct and parenting skills by leaving them to look after a fake baby. Megan Marx, 27, posted on her personal Instagram account a photo of her with a robotic baby. She wrote, “Question. In the real world, would you date a guy who gave you a fake baby to look after on your second date? Or would you assume he’s about to swap your pill for vitamins. HAA. Nonetheless these babies were cool.”

Last week, the health promotions officer who hails from Western Australia rejected Richie during a rose ceremony and promptly walked out the mansion. Megan caused Richie to tear up when she admitted, “From the moment I met you, I felt like you’re someone I could fall in love with, but I just can’t fall in love with such competition and intensity.”

In an interview with Sydney Morning Herald, Megan said that “The Bachelor” environment felt weird. “I'm not a very dramatic, competitive type of person, I just sort of go with the flow and in that environment it was quite difficult,” she said. “I think more than anything my feelings for Richie couldn't develop, it was all too distracting and all too much, I couldn't do it.”

To date, there are only seven remaining contestants on “The Bachelor Australia,” which airs every Wednesday and Thursday on Channel TEN.