“Fallout 4” is touted as one of the best games in 2015. More than the game, however, are the many fan-made mods and creations that give the game more life than what developer Bethesda has breathed into it. Before the year ends, players may want to check out four of the coolest mods that would add a little extra to “Fallout 4.”

Mod for extreme weather in “Fallout 4”

Who does not want to bring more weather elements to “Fallout 4?” From thunder and rad storms to fog and rain, now players can also alter the weather in their wastelands.

Kotaku has spotted the True Storms mod, which make the post-apocalyptic title even more daunting than ever. The fog alone make it seem like every day of survival in the “Fallout 4” wasteland is a privilege in itself.

Crafting robot defence

The settlement areas in the wasteland serve as players’ homes in the game. What better way to ensure its safety than to craft and bring in a robot home defence to ensure its survival? The Robot Home Defence mod spotted by PC Gamer allows players to build several robot defenders all over the settlement. Players can have as many as they like as they do not count in the population poll and can become a great barrier against attacks.

Bring in Lightsabers ala ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’

With “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” still the talk of the town, a great way to celebrate it in “Fallout 4” is to create lightsabers for wasteland people. Nexus mod creator invalidfate’s creation not only brings the glowing sabers into “Fallout 4,” but also the helmet of Darth Vader as well. The result? Make the character wear a dark coloured bathrobe, create the red lightsaber and Darth Vader helmet, and players can have their own Dark Side villain in “Fallout 4.”

Craftable ammo mod

Ammo in the wasteland is valuable, so considering this need, the Craftable Ammo mod for “Fallout 4” does come in handy in a lot of ways. According to the creator, this mod gives players the ability to craft almost every type of ammunition in the game. The creator has also tried to enhance “Fallout 4,” since it is a feature that has not been emphasised by developer Bethesda.

So far, the Craftable Ammo mod has seen nine updates, which have added the number of ammo per recipe and the per restrictions that are dependent on the ammo type being crafted. With the ninth update, a long list of ammo has also been included. The mod now allows “Fallout 4” players to craft the likes of the gamma round, fusion cell, flamer fuel, mini nuke, cryo cell, missile and the plasma cartridge.

To date, the “Fallout 4” Craftable Ammo mod has received over 10,000 endorsements over at its official Nexus Mods page. It has also been downloaded almost 180,000 times.

Better graphics for a better-looking game

Back during the development, Bethesda has always stated that it was focused more on quality and level development during the process instead of graphics. This is why, even though “Fallout 4” opened successfully to positive reception, there have been a couple of gamers who felt letdown by the game’s graphics.

Now, by using a few fan-made modes, players can now improve on the aspect that they have been clamouring for. According to Gamingbolt, the mod pack, created by Dust2DEATH, is meant to make the game look sharper with textures. It appears that the creator will be releasing batches of the mod, with the goal of releasing a 4K version of the Texture Pack.

"Fallout 4" version of "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" lightsabers via mod (Credit: YouTube/bloodironzero)

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