“Uncharted” fans got to witness something extra during the launch weekend of “Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens.” Naughty Dog and Sony had provided a new trailer teaser that showcased a glimpse in the development of the title.

Those who were not lucky enough to see it despite catching movie, Sony has now released the official cinematic trailer, as seen below. Sony had teased the trailer over its official Facebook account. The trailer is mostly pre-rendered CGI, but it does give the impact of the point of the last installment of the game. As seen in the video, protagonist Nathan Drake is seen trying to save his brother Sam while Nadine Ross and her cronies are also in the picture.

An interesting spot that fans may have fixated on is Drake’s line of how he will be remembered. Considering that ‘Uncharted 4” is the last in the franchise, it is not a bad guess that this could be hinting at Drake’s death. The trailer itself is quite a spectacular display of Drake’s character for something as short as 30 seconds.

For instance, Drake could be seen running after one gold coin amid the mass of debris falling all over him. However, when the camera pans and circles around, audiences see that he was actually going after his brother in the scene. Whether or not “Uncharted 4” does posit his possible death remains to be seen until the game’s release on March 18, 2016.

This is not the only new trailer for “Uncharted 4.” As a Christmas bonus for fans, Naughty Dog has also released two more videos for the title, as spotted by DualShockers. According to the report, one of the videos is from PlayStation Hong Kong, where a playthrough video dubbed as “Sam’s Pursuit’ was shown off.

The source added that the playthrough seems more natural, in that the playthrough did not feel rehearsed compared to other experiences. This was a good thing, since players are able to see how the game will flow when handled by someone who has not yet played the game before.

Another video that has been released shows the performance of “Uncharted 4” voice actors Troy Baker and Nolan North. The link above features both of the clips.

"Uncharted 4" CGI trailer (Credit: YouTube/PlayStation)

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