Microsoft and Xbox have an early Christmas present for members of the Xbox Live Gold. Even before December wraps up, fans already know the free games that they can get for the January 2016 Games with Gold.

Detailed over the Xbox Wire, there will be four titles offered once again for Xbox players. For the Xbox One, players can freely check out “Killer Instinct: Season 1 Ultra Edition,” which will be available for the whole of January.

The futuristic title “Zheros” is also coming for free, but starting on Jan. 16 until Feb. 15, 2016 on the Xbox One. This is a title that’s meant for players who love making use of great combos ad exploring a unique world with equally unique playable characters.

For the Xbox 360, “DiRT Showdown” will be available for the whole of January. This title puts players in the heart of racing challenge, complete with party events, challenges, difficulty levels and an overall intense and intensive off-road experience.

The last game for the Xbox 360, which will be available on Jan. 16 to 31 is “Deus Ex: Human Revolution.” This brings players to a unique cyberpunk setting starring Adam Jensen. Turned into a superman with all his limbs and organs now cybernetic parts following a freak accident, Jensen will have to trace the accident’s origin in the hopes of learning the truth behind the explosion that basically killed his human side.

Microsoft has also added a few more backward compatible titles for the Xbox One. A total of 16 games have now been added to the initial 106 games at launch in November, Major Nelson confirmed via his official blog.

The majority of these games are from Microsoft Game Studios, the likes of “Braid,” “Fable III,” “Halo: Reach,” “Hydro Thunder,” “Iron Brigade,” “Motocross Madness,” “”Portal: Still Alive,” “Spelunky,” “Splosion Man” and “Ticket Ride.” Other titles include Square Enix’s “Deus Ex: Human Revolution” and “Kane & Lynch 2,” PopCap’s “Peggle” and “Zuma’s Revenge!” and Bandai Namco’s “MS. PAC-MAN.”

Microsoft promised that this is just the beginning of the buildup for Microsoft’s backward compatible library. According to Major Nelson, more titles will be added. In fact, the company is continually calling out for fan feedback in terms of the list of possible Xbox 360 titles to come to the Xbox One.

Xbox One, Xbox 360 titles for January Games with Gold (Credit: YouTube/Killer Instinct)

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