“Minecraft” players are in for another round of updates following the major one that landed on the PS4, Xbox One, PS3 and Xbox 360 earlier. Developer Mojang has released a new blog update, which confirmed a new feature for the official “Minecraft” website.

In the developer’s official blog, Mojang confirmed that the official website will now be localised in multiple languages for other players. The website now accommodates 14 different languages with some of these even having variations per region.

This is not the only update for Minecraft.net. Mojang also confirmed that there will be 12 new currencies for more efficient payment methods outside of the previous USD, EUR and GBP. According to the developer, this is just the first wave of improvements for “Minecraft” and its official website. More localisation plans are on the way to ensure more fully realised and well-rounded localisation features are in place.

Apart from the update on the official website, players of the app from Telltale Games are also in for a new episode. App Advice has spotted a new update from the developer, which has confirmed that “Minecraft” fans can now download the “Minecraft: Story Mode” episode 4 on the iTunes.

The latest chapter brings more challenges to protagonists Jesse, Reuben and the rest of the gang. These are due to the Wither Storm, which puts players at the conquest of going to the Farlands to get the key towards defeating the monster.

Episode 4, titled A Block and a Hard Place, will reportedly be the last part of the Wither Storm series, Android Community reported. However, fans can still expect one more episode, since Telltale Games has promised that the entire “Minecraft: Story Mode” will consist of five episodes all in all.

This is actually interesting, since the fact that there is only one episode left could mean that a second season may be in the works. This is in the same way that Telltale Games had done for previous narrative-style episodic games like “Game of Thrones” and “Walking Dead: The Game.”

“Minecraft: Story Mode” episode 4 is already live on the App Store and the Google Play Store. It can be obtained for US$4.99 (approx. AU$6.9).

"Minecraft: Story Mode" episode 4 (Credit: YouTube/Telltale Games)

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