“Fallout 4” has provided a myriad of findings, secrets and interesting plays since its launch. Apart from recently sighted tips for expert players, this time there are two new findings—one fan creation and one fan exploration of the game—that will give a different spin on the game.

First up is a fan’s exploration project of what’s underneath the waters in “Fallout 4.” This can be the biggest expanse of previously unexplored territory, and given the depths and little findings that were seen before by fans, it’s not surprising that someone had embarked to see what’s hidden underneath.

Kotaku has compiled a list of interesting images that show what can be found in the aquatic regions of “Fallout 4.”Among these are the remains of a wheelchair-bound man, loot in what appears to be wreckage, more skeletons, enemies and some messages that show off unsolved symbols on them. There is a map available via the original poster’s Imgur page that has marked some points for exploration in “Fallout 4” aquatic territories, for those who are interested

While Bethesda has not hinted on any kind of planned DLCs involving underwater action in “Fallout 4,” there have been previous findings that suggest that the developer had looked into it before. For instance, there was the harpoon-like weapon hidden in the files and appeared to have been excluded from the final list of weapons.

There have been a number of mods sighted for Bethesda’s “Fallout 4.” However, for fans who are just as equally “Star Wars” fans, there’s a new fan-creation that marries the two franchises together.

According to GameSpot, one fan has created an AT-AT with only the settlement tools found in “Fallout 4.” What’s even better is that it is not just a cosmetic addition to the game, it appears that it is also a fully functional AT-AT though not in the same way as in the “Star Wars” franchise.

The video below shows a walkthrough of the AT-AT, first from a quick view outside, as the machine does stand majestically over the player. Then it is shown that players can go in using a set of roughly-made stairs. The inside shows a number of rooms inside, making it look like a “Star Wars” fan’s dream hotel, complete with beds and a lounge area.

AT-AT in "Fallout 4" (Credit: YouTube/Ops-Specialist)

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