'X-Force' originally was Ryan Reynolds' first choice and not 'Deadpool'
Movie screenshot of a scene from the first "Deadpool" movie. Marvel

Actor Ryan Reynolds is apparently one of the few actors who portrayed a Marvel character with a self-titled movie. Even so, the anti-hero movie “Deadpool” was not Reynolds' first pick for a movie.

Simon Kinberg, screenwriter and producer of the “X-Men” franchise, enumerated the list of titles that are currently in the works. “We are working hard on ‘New Mutants,’ ‘Gambit’ with Channing Tatum, ‘Deadpool 2,’ and the new ‘X-Force’ movie where Deadpool is alongside Cable and other main characters.”

Kinberg also added that the upcoming “X-Men” franchise movie is a combination of the characters Deadpool and Cable because they are like the Black ops of the Marvel universe. He also said in an interview from Deadline that both characters have a darker and R-rated decibel.

X-Force is a superhero team that was conceptualised by Deadpool's comic co-creator Rob Liefeld. The superhero team first debuted on the 100th issue of Marvel's “X-Men” spinoff comic “The New Mutants” back in 1991. The said spinoff not only focused on their main characters but introduces several other Marvel heroes such as Cyclops, Psylocke, Wolverine, Storm and Colossus.

The abovementioned movie has been known to be under 20th Century Fox and have been under careful planning for some time now. It was reported that sometime ago that “A-Team” director Joe Carnahan had been chosen to write the script for the upcoming film.

A report given by Collider stated that after Carnahan recently completed the script for “Uncharted,” he is now writing the script for the upcoming “X-Force” movie. This was also the first confirmation that Deadpool’s character will be included in the movie.

“The Proposal” actor Ryan Reynolds has previously stated in a Filmstarts interview that he had his eyes on the “X-Force” movie, saying: “X-Force is really my priority. I really want to get that in” Apparently, this confession was before Deadpool became the most successful film in the “X-Men” franchise. Because of its massive success, Reynolds and the Deadpool team have turned their focus on the movie’s sequel.

In addition, Cable is slated to also appear in the upcoming "Deadpool" movie, which will soon begin filming. There have been various rumours about who might play the character. One is with “Stranger Things” star David Harbour and the most controversial of all, actor “007” Pierce Brosnan, who is rumoured to be Reynold’s first pick.

Having said this, Reynolds also expressed his opinion through the ComicBook interview that he would want Cable to be the leader of the X-Force team. Reynolds states that he does not see his character, Deadpool, having any leadership qualities and that he is more of a wild card. “So you’d have to have someone like Cable running point on a team like X-Force,” Reynolds ended.

But it does not change the fact that Deadpool will be featured on the “X-Force” movie after “Deadpool 2” has been released on March 2, 2018. Producer Simon Kinberg has confirmed that the wisecracking mercenary will play a part in the “X-Men” spinoff, which is currently in development.