Deadpool 2
Screenshot from "Deadpool 2" official trailer. YouTube/Ryan Reynolds

The latest “Deadpool 2” trailer revealed that the uncanny so-called anti-hero Deadpool, played by “The Proposal” star Ryan Reynolds, is still as badass as ever. Upon watching the teaser video, there could be more than just a trailer at stake. There is a possibility that another Marvel hero team-up might hit the theatres in the near future.

It was evident that the new “Deadpool 2” movie will be bringing yet another no holds barred, action packed and possibly, a rated-R movie once it hits the theatres. But for those who are hoping that a possible Deadpool-Logan movie will materialise, this trailer could give a major hint.

At the start of the video, Deadpool is seen wearing his usual casual outfit that includes a black hoodie and jeans. Behind him is a cinema with the movie “Logan” on their now showing banner. It could possibly be just a coincidence, since actor Hugh Jackman's movie is currently in theatres. It could also be a marketing strategy that the team from the “Logan” movie has conceptualised to increase sales. It could also be a hint that this might not be the last Deadpool or Wolverine movie that fans will see.

Having the “Logan” franchise on the “Deadpool 2” trailer might be a hint that actor Ryan Reynolds’ plan of collaborating with “Les Miserables’" actor Hugh Jackman might actually happen. This cameo appearance of “Logan” is not the only hint that fans are holding on to.

Another instance that might strengthen that Deadpool-Logan movie is a photo that has Reynolds, Jackman and “007’s” Pierce Brosnan, who is rumoured to play the role of Cable in the upcoming Deadpool sequel. This photo was posted on Reynold’s Facebook and Instagram account. [See photo and trailer at bottom of article.]

Apparently Jackman has stayed true to his decision of having “Logan” as his sendoff movie. In response, Reynolds literally camped outside the actor’s house to make him change his mind and make the Deadpool-Logan movie his send off insteadAccording to an interview with Jackman, “Ryan Reynolds is literally camped outside my house right now. He’s not very good at hearing the word no.” Amid the literal move the Deadpool actor did, Jackman still replied, “No mate, it’s time for me to move on.” This was from a report by

Knowing that Reynolds wants perfection in his movies, especially with their characters, Jackman might not see the last of him just yet. The “Deadpool 2” movie is set to be released around March 2018.


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