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Cast member Gal Gadot attends the premiere of the film "Fast & Furious" in Los Angeles March 12, 2009. Reuters/Phil McCarten

The clamour for gender diversity has spread across many references in pop culture, and some comic book and cartoon icons are no exception to the trend. A lot of lesbian and gay characters have been added to comic books, and some have even been reinvented as gay characters. Recently however, Wonder Woman writer Greg Rucka has confirmed that Diana of Themyscira is no exception as she is queer.

In an interview with Comicosity, Rucka reveals that what others define as queer might not be what is queer to him. When asked however if queer is defined as involving, although not necessarily exclusive romantic or sexual interest toward persons of the same gender, then he gives a categorical yes. Rucka however, thinks that it is more complicated since Diana’s race has a long running history of people for a lot of reasons. Sadly, some of those give their references out of pure titillation or jeer at the entire Amazonian race as gay.

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This means that not all those from Themyscira are in same sex relationships, since it is supposed to be paradise, everyone should live happily. Living happily is contextual and a big part of an individual’s need to really live happily is to have a partner which would give a fulfilling romantic and sexual relationship. In this context however, the only options for those who live among Wonder Woman are women so there is not much to choose from.

An Amazonian does not look at another Amazonian and brand her as “gay” since the concept does not exist in their world. As to if Diana has been in love and had been in romantic same sex relationships with other women from her land, the answer is yes.

Polygon reports that “Wonder Woman: Year One” is a project that has been going around for a long time between Rucka and Nicola Scott. It is a modern retelling and recodification of Wonder Woman’s origin story for the modern day reader that has been going around alternate issues of “Wonder Woman.”

This new retelling of Wonder Woman is not the first gay or queer Amazonian in the DC universe, as some sources say that Diana’s mother was queer too. This reveal however has been anticipated for very long for fans of Wonder Woman considering that there are plenty of logical reasons to classify Wonder Woman as queer.

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