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The official promo for the third episode of the third season of “Gotham” has been released and it features Benedict Samuel as the Mad Hatter. The episode is entitled “Look into My Eyes” which is direct reference to the Mad Hatter’s hypnotizing abilities which he uses against Batman in the comics.

Spoiler alert! This article contains “Gotham” spoilers. Read on if you would like to know what happens next before the next episode airs.

Hypnotist Jervis Tetch, who is also known as the Mad Hatter, arrives in Gotham to search for his sister Alice. Gordon is also tasked to find her while Penguin decides to run for Mayor of the city and Bruce’s doppelganger begins to channel him which causes some confusion, writes Superhero Hype.

On this episode, Oswald will seek to capitalize on his influence to lead a mob as his candidacy for mayor of Gotham will kick off. This candidacy will be premised on his influence on the populace as well as on his promise that he will make Gotham safe again.

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This might sound very familiar to those who had known Penguin for a long time as the villain’s main weapon is his influence and ability to manipulate mobs. Robin Lord Taylor who plays Penguin on the series says that “Oswald is someone who comes to power through manipulation, and manipulation of people’s fears.” What will be revealed here will be a reflection of the current situation and someone who has no political office and is a master manipulator of people around him.

Taylor also describes Oswald’s platform and speech as “one that is based on a platform built on fear, fear of the other.” He adds that there is a reference to the presidential campaign and while he does not cite any candidate, he suggests that Oswald’s campaign is borrowed from Trump’s. He adds that this makes “Gotham” more relevant than it has ever been before but more cautious since it becomes scary when the show reflects the real world. While the exact details of the episode cannot be revealed yet, viewers would have to see for themselves how events unfold when the episode airs on Monday on FOX at 8 p.m..

The Mad Hatter Invades Gotham In The Worst Way | Season 3 Ep. 3 | GOTHAM

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