Stephenie Meyer
Writer Stephenie Meyer (2nd R) poses with actors Robert Pattinson (L), Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner at their hand and footprint ceremony at the Grauman's Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, California November 3, 2011. Reuters/Mario Anzuoni

Fans of the “Twilight” book series were left disappointed when they purchased the newly released tenth anniversary edition book by author Stephenie Meyer and found it too similar to the original “Twilight” book. The only change being the genders of the main characters were flipped; Bella and Edward were now Beau and Edythe.

Meyer has now revealed that the lack of newness in the book "Twilight Tenth Anniversary/Life and Death Dual Edition" was completely intentional. The best-selling author has even gone to the extent of saying that “Life and Death” is not a “real book.”

"I want to say this is not a real book, and I am totally aware of this," Meyer said at the Jacob Javits Convention Center during the New York Comic Con on Thursday, ABC News reports. The tenth anniversary edition release includes the original "Twilight" along with "Life and Death."

So how did she end up writing a “non-real” book and change genders? Meyer revealed that the idea came from answering questions at book signings. "People would always say Bella is a damsel in distress, when she's actually just a human in a world full of superheroes,” Meyer said.

By switching the genders of the book's main characters, Meyer wanted to prove her point that the story worked in a similar way. The new change also upped the book's fun quotient. She also added that it was like a “science experiment” for her, where she succeed.

“The essential action beats of the story are unchanged," Meyer said. However, she has stopped her experiment with “Twilight” and will not re-write other sequels like “Breaking Dawn” with Edythe and Beau. The writer feels she will not be able to do justice to their half-human, half-vampire child Renesmee if she comes out with gender-flipped edition of Edythe and Beau.

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