A man looks around a Tesla showroom in Beijing January 29, 2014. Reuters/Kim Kyung-Hoon

The Tesla Model 3 is expected to go into production by mid-2017 and deliveries could start soon after. Tesla must send the Model 3 into production as soon as possible as pre-orders keep piling up and auto experts repeatedly debating on whether the company will meet its production target. Most believe, like previous Tesla vehicles, Model 3 will also be delayed. There are reportedly 400,000+ pre-orders for Tesla Model 3 and the company recently shifted a chunk of the work to its Nevada gigafactory to ease pressure on the California facility.

According to Electrek, Tesla CEO Elon Musk has recently confirmed via a tweet that the Tesla Model 3 branding will have the numeric “3” and not three horizontal lines depicting the Model E, a name originally thought of for the Model 3. Tesla wanted to complete the “SEX” line-up of vehicles and later “SEXY” with the upcoming Model Y. The others being Model S, Model E and Model X. Fans may find three horizontal lines cooler than a numeric “3.” However, this is what Tesla will finally go with.

Fans had earlier spotted the change from three horizontal lines to “3” on the Tesla official website. Now, Musk has confirmed it on Twitter. The US$35,000 (AU$46,000 approx) electric vehicle will be called Tesla Model 3. One can view the tweet at the bottom of the article. Thus, the final line-up will look like “S3X” instead of “SEX.” Meanwhile, auto experts may have a look at the all-electric sedan, before the deliveries start, at the “Part 3” unveiling event of the Tesla Model 3.

Most people were first introduced to the Tesla Model 3 at a livestream event in March 2016. Musk shared on stage the first three prototypes of the Model 3. Recently, a brand new Tesla Model 3 promotional video suddenly became the focus of attention for being shown in some of the Tesla stores in Europe. The video proved a very important point, and that is, the mass market electric vehicle (EV) is very much on track. Deliveries could be right around the corner.

Tesla won’t resort to traditional advertising right now but it’s good to have confirmation that all is well. The video is nothing extraordinary but is surprising as Tesla avoids doing spots like these. Tesla has a history of product delays though CEO Elon Musk has assured investors and prospective buyers of Tesla Model 3 that the EVs will start shipping by the end of 2017. Stay tuned on IBT AU for more updates on Model 3.

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