Stranger Things
On November 6, 1983, Will Byers disappeared. Facebook/Stranger Things

“Stranger Things” Season 2 is currently in development. A casting call was recently made by the show producers, which hinted that there might be an army of Elevens in the next chapter.

In a Backstage casting call, the makers of “Stranger Things” Season 2 were looking for men and women who looked like they were from the 80’s, to work as background extras. They were also looking for females who were willing to have their hair and bangs cut. All ethnicities are welcome, provided that they were at least 17 years old. A head photo was required and filming is set to happen in Atlanta, Georgia.

Based on the requirements of the casting call, fans of “Stranger Things” began speculating that there might be an army of Elevens coming in the new season. The original Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown), was a young female with a buzz cut and tattoo. It seems that the people looking for her preferred the uniform look and there may be more like her to appear in the near future. However, Eleven is much younger than 17 years old, so it can mean that there may be older versions of her kind or the new supporting roles will merely be placed in the background.

The Hollywood Reporter wrote that, in the meantime, Noah Schnapp, who plays Will in “Stranger Things,” shared some details about the next season. The young actor opined that his character may turn out to be evil in Season 2. Since he is spewing eggs, he might be housing more of these inside him and trying to preserve whatever good is left of him. Will might be battling with himself in trying to keep the evil from overwhelming him completely.

The evil people looking for Eleven might also be after Will and wish to experiment on him to turn him into Twelve. Will may eventually transform into a supernatural being, similar to how Eleven possesses extraordinary powers. All these remain in speculation in the meantime until officially confirmed by the show producers. More updates and details on “Stranger Things” Season 2 are expected soon. The show will return in 2017 on Netflix.