Should Store Mannequins Have Pubic Hair?

By @vitthernandez on


A New York display along East Houston is generating buzz in the fashion industry because of three mannequins. It is not so much the white undergarments donned by the models that are the cause of the talk, but the fact that the mannequins have unshaved pubic hair sticking out of the undies.

The display actually reflects reality - except that in recent years, shaving of pubes have become quite common among young males and females - that pubic hair grows upon reaching adolescence and unless trimmed or shaved regularly, tends to stick out.

The unique concept by American Apparel has the fashion industry and Twitter world talking, with some Twitter members describing the mannequin display as "kinda pervy." However, in response to the criticisms, American Apparel said it really was intended to spark conversation and debate about how society perceives what feminine beauty must be.

Des Myles, visual merchandiser of American Apparel, said to Time, "American Apparel has always been a company that celebrates natural beauty." She pointed out that in the company's Web site, images include glimpses of models' pubic hair as well as in a controversial advert that was published in 2011.

Besides visible pubic hair, the bespectacled brunette mannequins also wore see-through bras that showed their nipples.

Shoppers and gawkers were divided in their opinion on the appearance of the store models which could be seen here.

One commenter tweeted, "slightly disturbing," while another wrote "LOVE IT."

How about you, our readers, what do you think of the idea? Should store mannequins be more realistic and allow some peeking pubic hair or none at all?