Senator Eric Abetz urges PM Turnbull to bring Abbott back to ministry

By @pathakmishra on
Australian PM Tony Abbott
Australia's Prime Minister Tony Abbott addresses members of the media after a party room meeting at Parliament House in Canberra February 9, 2015. Reuters/Sean Davey

Tasmanian liberal Senator Eric Abetz has called on the PM to bring the former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott back to the ministry, saying Abbott's experience can help Australian politics in the future.

Abetz has requested Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to provide a prominent frontbench position for Abbott while he reshuffles his cabinet, which is expected in February. Abetz' plea came after the sudden resignations of two junior ministers, Jamie Briggs and Mal Brough.

Briggs resigned from junior ministry on Tuesday after his alleged involvement in a late-night incident with a female public servant in a Hong Kong bar. According to, when asked about the resignations of Brough and Briggs, Abetz told the ABC that Abbott needs to return to the Ministry to unite the party and improve its position.

“I’m on the record saying that I believe Tony Abbott has a lot to offer public life,” he said. “I hope he stays in the Parliament and I hope there will be a prominent place in any future ministry.”

Nationals Senator John Williams seconded Abetz and said that Abbott’s return would be the best way to “heal the wounds of the past.”Coalition sources told News Corp on Tuesday that Turnbull would not make any final decision on permanent cabinet appointments until the new year. Meanwhile, Abetz said that he feels sorry for both Brough and Briggs.

“I feel extremely for the families of the two gentlemen involved, we in politics we are the volunteers, we’re the ones who go into battles but when we muck up it is the families and children that suffer,” he concluded.

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