Prince Harry, Charles, Camilla
Britain's Prince Harry points while talking to Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, during the Opening Ceremony of the Invictus Games at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in London, September 10, 2014. Reuters/Alastair Grant

When it was first made public that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were romantically involved, the 35-year-old American actress was quickly put under public scrutiny. And while members of the royal family have come to her defense, Camilla, the Duchess Of Cornwall, apparently does not support the relationship.

According to a source of Women’s Day (via Yahoo! AU), Camilla, who married Prince Charles in 2005, is not one to throw “tantrums,” but that she does have “considerable influence” on the royal family. The source then went on to explain that if she does not get her way, she usually looks to her husband for support.

The reason why Camilla is so opposed to Harry dating Meghan was not discussed, although there is one possible explanation. Some family members of the “Suits” star have had their issues with the law, including her step brother, Thomas Markle Jr. and her father. Tom Jr, who is already 50-years-old, was recently arrested after he allegedly pointed a gun at his girlfriend. Meanwhile, Meghan’s father has been rumoured to have a history of debt and bankruptcy.

Despite these things, however, both Harry and Prince William have publicly come to Meghan’s defence. The younger royal had issued a statement via Kensington Palace that requested members of the media to respect his relationship with the actress. At that time, it was also reported by various publications that the Duke of Cambridge supported the statement’s release.

Whether or not Camilla is actually opposed to the relationship is still unconfirmed. Moreover, it is unclear whether or not the 69-year-old will do anything to meddle in the relationship. However, this is not the first time that the stepmother of William and Harry has been linked to disliking her sons-in-law’s girlfriends.

In a book titled “William and Kate: A Royal Love Story,” author Christopher Anderson claimed that Camilla had opposed William’s engagement to Kate. He reiterated the same in an interview with The Daily Beast when he recalled the couple’s 2007 breakup. “I was shocked, complete stunned, everyone thought it was only a matter of time before William was going to ask Kate to marry him,” he said. “And then people started telling me that Camilla was behind it.”

Anderson then explained that Camilla was “a bit of a snob”who grew up in Royal circles. Kate was seen as unworthy of joining the royal family, who before her had never welcomed a working-class woman into its ranks. If all things work out for Harry and Meghan, the royal family will be welcoming in the second.

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