Meghan Markle
Actress Meghan Markle attends the USA Network and The Moth's Characters Unite Event at the Pacific Design Center in West Hollywood, California February 15, 2012. Reuters/Phil McCarten

Meghan Markle stars in the British crime thriller "Anti-Social." It will be released on its special cut in North America in January. The film is based on a true story which happened in London. This is one of the first movies of Meghan where she plays a more prominent role.

"Anti-Social" is considered as a coming-of-age film that focuses on gang war. This was released in the UK last year and was played in over 40 screens. Meghan plays the character of Kirsten, who is a high-fashion model. She is involved with graffiti artist and potential criminal Dee, who is played by Gregg Sulkin. Josh Myers plays Marcus, a diamond thief and who is involved in a number of armed robberies.

The storyline starts off when Kirsten and Dee were thinking of a better opportunity and a better life. On the other hand, brothers Marcus and Dee had their own problems. Dee became involved in the art scene while Marcus was headed in another direction and started a deadly gang war.

The crimes that can be seen in this film are based on three highly publicised real-life London events: the Graff's Diamond robbery in 2009, the Selfridges Burka robbery in 2013 and the Brent-Cross smash and grab robbery in 2012.

In one of the trailers, Meghan is shown modelling a perfume. She emerges from the shower room and is drinking champagne at a number of West End nightclubs.

Director Reg Traviss, who was interviewed by Daily Mail, explained that he wanted to delve deeper into one of the storylines with a shorter, more compact version of the original.

The "Anti-Social: Special Edition" will be available on VoD from Dec. 5 in the UK and Ireland, and from Jan. 2 in the US.

The "Suits" actress and Prince Harry have been seen together for a couple of times since the start of summer. A number of their fans have been speculating whether they two are dating. And indeed, the beautiful couple confirmed their relationship earlier this month.

At the moment, the Prince is currently attending a 15-day tour to commemorate the independence of Barbados while Megan is in her hometown Los Angeles.