A little bit of “No Man’s Sky” is already known, but a recently-released gameplay teaser explains how players will discover new planets and lifeforms in the classic science-fiction game. Recently, Sony Entertainment President Shuhei Yoshida got a chance to play the game and tried the ground combat with robo enemy units.

Of all the new gameplay videos, trailers and premieres that came out during the PlayStation Experience weekend, there are a couple that remain memorable, including “Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End,” “Street Fighter V: FANG,” “MLB 16: The Show” and “Golem.” But, few games featured Yoshida in the actual trailer. In a conversation video released by PlayStation last week, Yoshida sits with Sean Murray, Managing Director for Hello Games and asks the game designer some pretty interesting questions about the upcoming game “No Man’s Sky.”

“I’ve discovered something about this game. This game has been amazing to watch but now I know it’s really fun to play. I don’t want to stop playing.” said Yoshida in the video.

The innumerable play hours and completeness of Hello Game’s title is something that can’t be ignored. Murray starts and shows off the game's technical details and how “No Man’s Sky” tracks player’s movements and everything created on the way as the player begins to play. A little bit of the game’s ground combat can be seen when Yoshida takes the control and picks a fight with space robo cops.

As seen in the video below, Yoshida shoots down drones and Very soon, he finds himself surrounded by enemy units with increasing wanted level and finally the powerful enemy units take him down. Murray explains how players can explore more solar systems and planets by upgrading their hyperdrives. Players will also see guards as they land on different planets. These guards watch over the area and if the players get caught killing creatures on those planets, the santinos come and attack. But the trailer answers many questions and demonstrates many things fans have been questioning about.

In a recent update via PlayStation blog, Murray announced that 65daysofstatic is going to be writing a new music album inspired by No Man’s Sky. The team is going to collaborate to create a soundscape for the game.

A new report by Polygon suggested that "No Man's Sky" may arrive in June 2016. This is also a tentative date and it can be changed. “No Man’s Sky” was set for a release in October this year but according to various sources, the game is going through technical challenges.

Hello Games may have been keeping complete silence about what is happening with the development but he said that game development is not that easy. Sony is packaging “No Man's Sky” with the headset as an early sales promotion.

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PlayStation Experience 2015: No Man's Sky Conversation (Credit: YouTube/PlayStation)