After years of waiting, Hello Games has officially given a release date to the ambitious title “No Man’s Sky.” The release date was announced at the Sony Paris Games Week 2015 and it was also accompanied by a new gameplay trailer.

The much awaited space exploration game has had fans aching for a release date of any sorts. In a surprise move by developer Hello Games, it has announced that the game will launch on June 2016, no specific launch date was announced however. Still, fans are sure to get riled up by the new information considering that the game has been getting a ton of media coverage since 2013. The game will launch for the PlayStation 4 and PC and it is also a part of Sony’s showcase for its games in 2016, PlayStation Lifestyle reports.

The new trailer dubbed as “I’ve seen things,” gives players another look at the possibilities in “No Man’s Sky.” Space exploration was again the highlight of the trailer but Hello Games also showed off how the player gets to interact with AI-controlled units.

Part of the trailer shows a spaceship battle on the game’s massive universe. As revealed before, players will get to interact with AI units within the game, they could choose to either help them or fight them. AI units are likely placed in the game as the chance of coming in contact with another player is very minimal.

“No Man’s Sky” aims on having the largest explorable world in any video game. The title boasts of having about 18 quintillion planets. To put in perspective, if a player visits each planet for one second, his lifetime would still be not enough to explore all the planets. “No Man’s Sky” has gradually produced planets so the numbers really are vast. However, it’s not known how much these planets vary from each other.

Credit: Youtube/sonyplaystation

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