Campbell’s Soup has come up with a new commercial that features gay dads. Real-life gay couple Larry Sullivan and David Monahan is seen with their toddler Cooper in this advertisement.

The couple is shown feeding Cooper the new Campbell's Star Wars themed soup while reciting dialogues from the Star Wars film. Sullivan and Monahan are professional actors and have been in a relationship for over a decade. Before this ad, they were seen in a 60-second advertisement for Sabra Hummus. The adorable 30-second advertisement has gone viral over the Internet within just a few days.

Campbell’s Soup has roped in many real-life families for their new advertisement campaign. The ad ends on the brand’s new tagline "Made for Real, Real Life." The video that was uploaded on YouTube on Oct. 5 by Campbell’s soup has received 160,532 views.

Eighty-eight per cent of American households use Campbell’s brand products, but the company aims to push shoppers to buy more fresh foods items. According to the VP-marketing activation Yin Woon Rani, the company wants to present a diverse mix of American families with this campaign. Campbell’s is also making efforts to restrict the use of artificial colors and flavours.

"Our goal was to sort of take what Campbell’s has always been about and convey it in a fresher way," Rani said.

Campbell’s is a 146-year old brand and has acquired several companies including Bolthouse Farms, Kelsen Group and Garden Fresh Gourmet in order to expand into the fresh and organic packaged foods business.

The new efforts by the brand promotes Campbell’s emphasis on producing "real food that matters for life's moments," according to Advertising Age.

The company has also received backlash for using a controversial topic to increase its sales. YouTube user rugbyf0rlife condemned advertisement and wrote, “Company tries to get sales through controversy by representing less than 1% of their customer base as "the normal situation."

Watch the new Campbell’s Soup ad:

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