The ninth episode of “NCIS New Orleans” Season 2, titled “Darkest Hour,” was aired on CBS on Tuesday. The "NCIS New Orleans" team, which comprises Special Agent-in-Charge Dwayne Pride (Scott Bakula), Special Agent and Senior Field Agent Christopher LaSalle (Lucas Black) and Special Agent Meredith "Merri" Brody (Zoe McLellan), were on a mission to find the friend of Pride’s fiancé’s daughter who went missing during a blackout. [Spoilers Alert!]

The NCIS team received information that Nick Benton, a naval petty officer, has been reported missing during one of the city’s worst blackouts. The officer has a good reputation in New Orleans, and Pride knew Nick via his daughter. The team learns that Nick left a message for Frankie just before the blackout. Pride suspects that Nick had a secret to reveal.

Patton examines the message thoroughly and finds a distinct background noise of a vehicle running over a bridge. Percy discovers that bridge, and when the team went there, they recovered Nick’s body. Seeing the body, they could tell that he was beaten over the head by a sharp metal object.

Mikey, a nearby homeless man, then jumps into the scene and tells the officers that Nick was attacked by a “monster,” and he pulls Nick's body to the edge so as to save him if the attackers came back. The officers figured that the blackout had something to do with Nick.

The NCIS team then comes across a man named Declan. Following the traces of the man, the officers reach an abandoned house that had lots of maps of circuit grids and murder weapons. Pride then goes to the city circuit breakers and learns that the murder weapon was used to cut the locks.

This pointed out to the probability that Declan and Nick were responsible for the blackout. The probable reason for doing so was to rob the Fontaine Family’s warehouse. They find Declan with a bullet and even discover the items that he robbed, which include antique furniture that was now burned.

Sebastian eventually finds out that Declan did not kill Nick, and Brody and Percy start examining the damaged objects around the house and find a secret compartment which was installed in the antique desks. The team recovers a bunch of love letters from Frankie’s mom to her dad, who was the late Fontaine Patriarch.

The doubt now shifts toward Frankie’s brother Toby as only he would have destroyed every evidence that could prove that he was the Fontaine heir.

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