My Kitchen Rules
"My Kitchen Rules" Australia 2016 participants Tasia and Gracia to open their own line of sauces. Facebook/My Kitchen Rules

“My Kitchen Rules” Australia 2016 final has not only given $250,000 to winner sisters Tasia and Gracia, it has given record rating to Channel Seven. MKR 2016 has become the second highest rated show of 2016 and has far exceeded its audience from Season 1’s finale.

For the winner announcement, MKR Australia 2016 drew a whopping 1.969 million views, way ahead of Season 1’s 1.525 million viewers. It ended second as it lost to the Channel Seven show “Molly” (2.088 million viewers). The show ran for 14 weeks and had 48 episodes in total.

The network is ecstatic as this year’s “My Kitchen Rules” Australia has exceeded expectations and left behind the last season by an astounding 16 percent. MKR 2016 had a season average of 1,482 million viewers.

According to, Channel Seven currently holds a metro share of 31.9 percent against Channel Nine’s 25.8 percent and Channel Ten’s 17.6 percent. “House Rules” will be taking the space left empty by “My Kitchen Rules” Australia 2016.

It has also been reported that the MKR 2016 final was shot last year-end. However, sisters Tasia and Gracia, the winners this year, had no clue they had won till Tuesday, when the final winners were declared. They watched the final episode along with friends and family and few fellow MKR 2016 contestants in a Richmond hotel.

“They didn't give us the results. We didn't know the scores until last night,” Gracia told Fairfax.

It is interesting how Channel Seven managed to shoot the winning scene with the red and gold ticker-tape celebration. However, it is commonly believed that they shot winning celebrations with both the teams, simply to keep everyone guessing.

However, now that the results are out and the sisters have the prize money with them, they are planning a trip to Japan as they love Japanese ramen, a noodle soup dish.

“We are going to go on a little trip. We love Japan and we're both big fans of ramen [a noodle soup dish] so we're going to go ramen hunting,” said Tasia.

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The future seems bright for the sisters. They will do exactly what judge Colin Fassnidge wants them to do. They are already preparing a range of sauces and plan to open a restaurant with their prize money. They are hoping to launch the sauces pretty soon while people still have them in their minds.

The range will be marketed as Tasia and Gracia and the logo will have a mortar and pestle. Chillies may also find a place in the logo.